Spelling Out Copy Writing

Copy writing is not a simple task. I was curious to come across a web site developed by a colleague. They are beginning to address themselves as a ‘web coach.’ Copy writing on the website, though, was puzzling.

While there was quite a bit of content, much of it was poorly written. Verb tenses did not agree and their use of adjectives like ‘awesome’ and ‘rad’ was defunct at best. I was confused. If you are unclear as to why it’s important your copy writing be done correctly, I want to take a minute to spell it out.


Your audience

When you consider how you want to represent yourself and your business, you should consider who your audience is. That means you take a moment to plan out the way you want your business to be received.

You need to understand the targeted market then write your copy to appeal to that audience. For example, have you ever read T.S. Elliot. You have. Your teacher in High School made you suffer through at least one poem.

His enigmatic, puzzling style probably bored you. That’s exactly how your clients will feel if you don’t offer them well written web site content.

The sales and marketing process

Copy writing aims to take the confusion out of your marketing collateral. A good copy writer understands the sales and marketing process as well as the written word. Copy writing can achieve a few different things.

Copy writing can help you target your audience. Copy writing will educate your customers on what you do. How well you communicate to your potential customers can be hugely influential on whether or not they hire you.

Finally, well written copy writing is the first impression you give to web site visitors. You want to make sure it’s, um, rad and awesome, not defunct.

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